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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 3, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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decisions about employees based on their race. >> they are asking a federal court to declare it as a class action lawsuit. wet seal would not speak to cnn on camera but released this camera. we do not discriminate on the basis of race or any other category. we are confident that when all the facts come out in this matter the public and our customers will see that african-americans are well represented and valued members of our employee base including our management. wet seal does include an african-american model. cogdel believes this, like much of fashion, it's just an image. >> thank you for joining us. cnn newsroom continues with ashleigh banfield. >> it's good to see you. let's get right to it, shall we?
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it's labor day. hopefully you're not laboring. they are in charlotte, north carolina. it is not just any labor day and charlotte is not just any city. for the next three days, charlotte playhost to the democratic national convention. right now the democrat are laboring to reclaim the tone of this weak. one of their own went a wee bit off message. >> they need to clean up big time. tell me what's happening. >> it's true. they are trying to. what happened was this is a question that was asked across the sunday morning talk shows yesterday. are you better off than you were four years ago? the president's top campaign advisors they didn't have a
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clear answer. that was problem number one. problem number two was one of their best spokes people. the governor did have an answer but for them it was the wrong one. >> can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago? >> no, but that's not the question of this election. without a doubt, we are not as well off as we were before george bush brought us the bush job losses, the bush recession, the bush deficits and series of desert wars charged to the national credit card. >> now this morning ashleigh, mart martin o'mally tried to mop up that mess. listen to what he sold solidad. >> we are clearly better off as a country because we are now creating jobs rather than losing
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them. we have not recovered all that we lost in the bush recession. that's why we need to continue to move forward. is there anybody on this panel that thinks we have recovered all we lost in the bush recession? i don't think anybody could say that. but clearly we're moving forward. we're creating jobs. unemployment is down, job creation is up. those movements would not have happened without the president's leadership. >> this really does crystallize the whole challenge for the democrats at this convention. if the the romney challenge last week was to make people understand who he is and why he would be better than the current president, the challenge for the president is to make people believe in him enough to give him another chance for four more years. he is being judged on the four years that he has had before. wasically that's just the way it is. it is a very tough sell for somebody like president obama who has a very, very challenging
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economy right now. >> he may have put it best by saying it's real tough to get elected on a counter factual. >> the thing they have on their side is four years azbo was not that long ago and it was really bad and scary when it comes to the economy. the financial crisis was intense. people remember how bad it was. so that is what democrats think that they have on their side. the other thing that they are going to have to try to do is they -- sources tell me is better articulate the kind of thing that joe biden has been saying but doesn't get that much traction which is as he puts it, gm, general motors is alive and osama bin laden is dead.
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there are big things that president obama did. it's just not necessarily getting the play and the traction that it would in another era because people are still suffering out there with job loss and other economic challenges. >> i heard ron emanual say it seemed real short and effective. but then you had an aging actor sucking all of the life out of the message. >> thanks so much. so, of course, we have got the party before the party. the big party. take a look see at the live shot. this is charlotte kicking off the week with something called carolina fest. we get that assignment. he is joining me now life. clearly the main politics don't get underway until tomorrow. my guess is that the dems are not going to let today's family event escape any serious messaging? >> yeah, there is no messaging i
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don't think. the point of this really was for it to be inclusive to show some conclusiveness that democrats think will appeal to north carolinians. originally this event was scheduled for the outskirts of town at the charlotte motor speedway but they decided to bring it right here to the epicenter of the city and make it a celebration before the democratic national convention gets started tomorrow, ashleigh. >> the day kicked off in a way that the democratic national committee was probably not too excited about, protesters. how are they trying to use this positive message to assuage what we saw already? >> right. it's interesting. i was out there with the protest yesterday. and there are going to be more protests today. yesterday, interestingly enough,
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it was occupy and others. it was a protest against the banks. today there is going to be a labor protest, of course. it's a little bit of a risk for the obama campaign, the democrats to hold their convention here in north carolina which is a right to work state on labor day weekend, of course. you get that natural clash of ideas. that's a lot of what you hear out here on the streets. >> so joe, one of the surprises i thought coming into north carolina. i had only guessed that the local news had laid ground work. that this was going to be a big boone to the communities there. it does not bode well going into this election for p obama. >> that's true. but i think you can also say that after the last campaign
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where the president won this state, they expected north carolina to be in play. showing mitt romney ahead but only by four points. the latest cnnorc poll shows basically a dead heat. they knew north carolina was going to be basically, you know, in play. >> hie, joe, thanks so much. have a great day. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. laboring away. cnn's live coverage of the
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>> democratic mover and shakers are headed to charlotte but the president is on a campaign visit today in ohio. you will see him live in about 90 minutes from now. my colleague doesn't get the day off either. there is no escaping ohio no matter how you slice it. i always hear our team saying ohio, ohio, ohio, particularly today. >> that's the reason you have seen the president come here so many times, 14 visits since he announced his reelection bid. a crucial battleground state and the president will be here again today sharpening his convention message. they tell me that the president will talk about some of his accomplishments over the past
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four years, talking about how an individual and the auto industry now has a job because of the bailout. obviously that's an important issue in the state of ohio which has benefitted from the auto industry. the president will highlight a young person w is able to get insurance by staying on their parents' policy because of health care reform. he will highlight a family that is able to stay in their home because they were able to refinance and republican s hav been critical saying he has not done enough to help those in the mortgage crisis and health care reform should be repealed. we will hear the president talk about what he believes are his major accomplishments in an effort to draw the contrast with mitt romney saying this is what he has accomplished but mitt romney has no ideas for the future. >> i'm always curious as to how he is made aware of things --
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the hiccups. and i was talking to dana about it, our friend and colleague. how is it playing out among the campaign that you're with? >> i'm sure he is paying close attention to this. they're not pubically talking about any hand wringing going on over the issue. but it has been a tricky balancing act certainly for the president. because on the one hand they will admit that there are a lot of people out there who are still hurting, who are looking for jobs, who are still not able to find or stay in their homes. but on the other hand, they also point out that the president because of his policies and his accomplishments has been abl to pull the economy back from the brink of total collapse. and so that's the message that they are trying to push. yes, things are not perfect but they are better than they could have been. >> i have to wrap it up but not before i mention with you that he's still the president.
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he still has a job to do. he will hit new orleans later today, right? >> that's right. the president will be getting a briefing in louisiana from local and state officials. in addition to that, he will tour the area that was impacted by hurricane isaac and he will make some remarks as well. the president following up on that visit by mitt romney last week who went to new orleans to view the damage from the storm up close. >> so it's official but it's also something you can definitely get some air time in the campaign as well. thank you sir, for working on labor day. >> okay. >> all right. and today we're going to give you a real personal look as well as barack obama. the man beyond his presidency. in a cnn documentary, obama revealed. the man, the president ch it airs tonight at 8:00 eastern on cnn. 's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank.
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rr as most of us get ready for picnics and cookouts there is a harsh reality right now for people in the gulf coast. the example is on your tv screen so i encourage you to take a quick look. these are your fellow americans. president obama is heading to louisiana to assess the damage for himself.
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it has been nearly a week since isaacer to through their homes and communities. they are already in clean up mode, but what a mess. in other areas, believe it or not. thousands of people are still without power, too. >> i have to remove everything from our home. hold is already started. we have two pets and three children that cat come home. it's hard. >> we got to get back in here. this is our home. this is where we live. and we love it out here. >> just heartbreaking to see this. the big area of concern right now? zero into that. this is a double threat here. one from the pearl river and another from a weak canal lock. let's get straight to chad standing by. chad, is this a matter of extraordinary volumes of very heavy water sitting and pushing and pressuring the the banks and
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the locks for just so long that they become fatigued? >> yes. and water goin around the lock itself because the lock was not high enough. and running along the banks of the dirt berm that the locks are attached to. all of the sudden the water goes. let me take you to where we're talking about. here is new orleans proper. what can you imagine can be happening a week later? all of this water is to the north. it still has to get to the gulf of mexico. there is lock number two. zoom into the lock and i will show you the issue. the water was coming around the lock itself and this is all just dirt. afraid that was going to wash away, they opened the lock and so the water came out and that helped relief the pressure. understand now there is more water running downhill and more
8:21 am
running towards slidell. when we get the water down there we will get some flooding. 17 to 18 feet we start to flood the areas up through here. at 21 feet we actually have to close i-10. that's the scales that will be completely underwater. that is not anticipated. the number should be 19.5 for feet. that is about a foot shy of closing the interstate but it will be close. >> i have been watching the models and it shifted around, basically, alabama to ohio. but that makes me wonder about the midwest farmers who needed that water. are they getting it? >> yes they are but it is way too late. the planting, the corn is way past what any real water can help now. the threat this year was when it was silking. when the pollen was coming out of the thing on top of the corn and getting son to the silk, the stuff you tear off of your corn that you don't want to eat.
8:22 am
it was not happening in secret. i can't -- >> sequence? >> the sequence. i can only think of the band. it didn't come out in sequence. the pollen came out, didn't make it to the corn and the corn didn't make the kernels. when the kernels are not there it doesn't matter if it rains or not. it will be stuff for the cows to eat. there will be some improvement on the pastureland. pasture in missouri is 99% poor. some growth will come back. >> that's such an unfortunate story. i'm glad you spilled that out. it's hard for a lot of people to understand what the sequence and process is. it does make a difference. thank you, sir. appreciate it. ironically, most of the areas hard hit by isaac are outside of the whole new federal levee system that we all put in for
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>> the big question today is are you better off today than you were four years ago. when you break it down it comes down to the numbers. >> it's been a hell of four years. the jobless rate was 7.8% compare that to now? 8.3%. the jobless rate has gone up. >> there was a big spike in between. it's either up from 7.8% or down from 10% depending on if you're a democrat or a republican. median real wages are down.
8:27 am
families have less money. gas prices are up. in part because this was a crisis. so you saw gas prices tank as oil prices tanked in the middle of that crisis and the national debt has jumped almost 6 trillion dollars. you have seen the debt go up dramatically. >> is this where it gets better for those who say that is bad but this is where he can campaign? >> jobs growth, we were losing 818,000 jobs in the first month that he was in office. now look, you have gained 163,000. not enough but it is positive. gdp, the economy was shrinking. shrinking in 2009. now it is growing. not very much but it is growing. home prices are up. this is a really important part of the american financial, you know -- >> psyche. >> and home prices are up. >> not everywhere. >> but they are stabilizing and going up. and the stock market has
8:28 am
rebounded. this is s&p 500 is considerably higher than it was when we were here. >> call my broker because mine does not reflect that. >> we talked about debt as one of the factors. you heard a lot about how under president obama the national debt has spiked some $6 trillion. that is true but when you look within the numbers and you see why our debt was spiking, a big chunk and this is national debt as the size of the economy. a big chunk of that is actually tax cuts. remember president bush had the bush tax cuts and president obama, he kept them going. so those tax cuts are one of the reasons. >> and the argument to keep extending them. >> these are wars. the crisis itself really hurt -- >> how much money is coming into the coffers of the government.
8:29 am
this is t.a.r.p., fannie and freddie bailouts. and these are all the other stuff that we do to spend beyond our means. >> the tax cuts looks so ugly to the naked eye. there is a democratic argument and a republican argument to that brown zone. >> they were all caused the bush tax cuts and now they are called the bush obama tax cuts. you will see how the president has lowered the tax bill for middle class americans. >> i feel like you will end up in a commercial. a campaign commercial. >> it's happened before. on both sides. >> you get in a campaign commercial for everybody. >> and sunday morning talk shows. >> you're welcome.
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labor day 2012. the democratic convention is
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upon us and the republican convention is now history and the history is still being written. the post-rnc polls and the search for the the all important bounce. it is all about the bounce and we are live from charlotte with that. the reason you're perfect is because the bounce is often measured in the pollingnd we do have a bunch of polling. i was talking earlier on the program about it. it always matters how you are asking the questions. what did the pep rally do? did we get the bounce or not? >> reporter: maybe. maybe not. we're going to need more polling, ashleigh, to really understand it. gallop is out with a brand new national poll this morning conducted on friday and saturday, right after the republican national convention. here is what they asked. did it make you more or less likely to vote for mitt romney. the numbers are pretty divided. four in ten said more likely, 38% say less likely. basically a draw.
8:34 am
22% said i didn't watch it or i'm not sure. what about the speech itself? what do americans think about that? gallop asked how would you rate the speech? 38% say excellent or good, 21% said just okay and 16% said it was poor or terrible. one in four didn't see it or were not sure. the 38 is a little bit lower than we have seen in past conventions and past cycles. >> paul, no convention is left untouched by the other side. we saw that last week with vice president biden made plans to go to florida to do the bracketing thing. we know there are plans for republicans to bracket the this convention. that means trying to take the wind out of the other guy's sail. what are the republicans doing to the democrats? >> reporter: right here there are a bunch of republicans, the republican national committee and the romney committee are
8:35 am
here. paul ryan, mitt romney's running mate is in north carolina. he has a rally a little east of here. he will be bracketing and he will be talking about the obama campaign and whether things are better now than they were four years ago. vice president biden was supposed to be in tampa, florida, last week. but hurricane isaac washed that out as it did wash out the first day of the republican convention. one thing i want to share with you, the obama campaign has a brand new tv ad playing in battleground states. take a listen. >> the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america, but mitt romney doesn't see it. under the romney plan, a middle class family will pay an average of up to $2,000 more a year in taxes. >> you're going to hear a lot more than that. that is a little appetizer of what you will hear. the romney campaign says that mitt romney's plan would not
8:36 am
raise taxes for the middle class. >> lots of foder for talking. thank you very much and thanks for watching on labor day. paul live with us from charlotte, north carolina, where the weather looks good. you can do it in a way. tomorrow just join the cnn election round table and our whole cnn political team. submit your questions and you can get answers in realtime in our virtual live chat. just log on to starts tomorrow at noon eastern. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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at&t has a plan built to help make families' lives easier. introducing at&t mobile share. one plan lets you share data on up to 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. add a tablet for only $10 per month. the more data you share, the more you save. at&t. >> international news. americans were the target of a deadly suicide bomb attack in pakistan. it was a carloaded with explosives and it rammed a vehicle that was carrying staffers from the american consulate. the the state department says two americans in the consulate vehicle were hurt. two pakistanis were killed. this was about 120 miles from the capital and has been the site of recent clashes between security forces and militants. >> i want to take you to sire ya
8:40 am
now and a warning from the government. comes from the information minister. there he is. he spoke today and had this message for any country that might want to get involved in the war that is going on there and i will quote him. we will cut your arm off. charming. he also urged the revi vvie ref come on home. there is nothing to fear. all of this as the opposition activists are saying that more than 100 people have died today. that's 100 people just today. and we have a report from inside syria. cnn has obtained much of a video from a freelance journalist who spent time under attack and we do have to give you this warning as we often have to do. some of the images are very disturbing and certainly not suitable for all viewers. have a look at this report. >> every night, he skrols
8:41 am
through the videos he shot that day, reviewing scenes he wishes he had never witnessed. it's a macabre routine but one he is addicted to. he simptly can't stop, can't let go, can't give up. for the past 18 months he has documented nearly every single death in the town of 50,000, before if violence started. name, date, location. more than 400 victims and counting. often they are his neighbors, friends, relatives, people he would see around town. and once he pointed the camera at his brother's corpse.
8:42 am
>> the the 37-year-old once owned a furniture shop. now he part of a small team of media activists. filming and posting online the horrific videos that have come to symbolize the syrian uprising. most of the residents have fled. but the indiscriminate shelling still takes its toll on the few that remain. in the last few weeks in
8:43 am
8-year-old girl was killed by a mortar round that hit her home. they tried to hide her wound to spare her mother the anguish. she collapses when she hears the news. at times, he tries to console families, reassuring this woman that her son is going to be okay. that he will survive the wounds to his leg. occasionally, he hands over the camera so he can help. but too often there is nothing he can do but film. much of the town lies in ruins, similar to most of what we see across syria. most people are resigned to their fate, knowing they are on the their own. the hospital is trying to build up its defenses. this man who works in construction is building a bunker for his family.
8:44 am
his children take a quick peek into the darkness below. perhaps this will save them. perhaps it will be their grave. he was a mechanic who wanted to be a d.j. he plays music as they recall the fate of one of their activist friends. detained by security forces and returned to them with his eyes gouged out.
8:45 am
>> may i just remind you what the information minister said today? anyone who fled syria should just come on back because there is nothing to fear. media activists are often the only source for video out of syria because the government does not want us there, strongly restricting journalists and routinely refusing visas to get into the country and arresting those who go ahead and go into the country and report anyway. eliminate gas from my budget.d i don't spend money on gasoline. it's been 4,000 miles since my last trip to the gas station. it's pretty great. i get a bunch of kids waving at me... giving me the thumbs up. it's always a gratifying experience. it makes me feel good about my car. i absolutely love my chevy volt. ♪
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>> it doesn't hit the store shelves until tomorrow and already it's on its way to becoming a best seller? it's the book that details the raid that killed osama bin laden. it has caused a stir and now we might have a clue as to why the book was written, the "new york times" is reporting that the author of no easy day broke the navy seals code of silence because of bad blood within his unit. other members of that unit have spoken out in an ebook that they are calling no easy op. in it they say that he was pushed out after mentioning an interest in leaving the navy to start a business. he is also facing problems on another front, too. the pentagon. they are threatening legal
8:49 am
action against him because he didn't submit his manuscript for review. here is the deal. the main guy to make sure that there is nothing classified. there is a big different. >> there is a huge difference. there is a department of defense and individual lawyers you can go to and consult. the department of defense has policies. if you're going to produce a book and particularly if it could involve sensitive national security information you need to get it vetted by the department. they evaluate and see whether it's public information or stuff that is a little too sensitive and could put other people in harm. if it is, there are problems. >> here is where i want to go next. tomorrow we should get some information about what kind of charges he might be facing. more importantly than that, we have ourselves a hero. i don't care what he said, what
8:50 am
his book is. this dude is a hero. what he and his team went through, thank you so much for your service and for the service of your colleagues. >> ditto. >> how do you prosecute a guy like that? the optics of it, and b, a, the optics of it, and nothing and his teammates can't say anything, because it is classified and they are witnesses who cannot talk. >> very difficult. >> and their information is classified. >> right. to the first point, it is very difficult, and why? because you have someone who is absolutely a hero and who we all owe a debt of gratitude to, and you have the person sitting at the defense chair and there is something called the jury nullification, a nd nobody is going to convict this guy. >> i love this guy. >> right. and at the same time there is a culture and the culture says you don't kiss and tell, and what happens within the operations stays within the operations, because we want to preserve the integrity of them and we don't want future s.e.a.l.s or anybody else to be subjected to problem.
8:51 am
but ashleigh, it may be much ado of nothing. and it may have information that the public in general is knowledgeable about already. you will have to wait and see. but if he crosses the line, there is a price to pay. >> if you think that you are looking at the guy on the right with scott pelley, he is in hollywood-style makeup and this is fascinating, because that is not at all what he looks like because they redid him completely so he could tell the story and remain in anonymity. and jury nullification, is, let's just say, he is sitting there as the defendant and the jury looking at him? >> in the event it is prosecuted you have a right to sit in a jury of your peers and even though they may be responsible about what he did, and hush, hush in the jury room, i know he did it and i'm not going anywhere near that. >> right, precisely.
8:52 am
>> you see that sex offender and the dad killed him, i'm not convicting that dad. >> some facts are just so that we can relate to the facts and they resonate so well with us that you don't want to do, you know, you don't want to convict. >> i want to have you back another time when we find out what the pentagon may or may not do and the possibility of a compromise and if there is a middle ground of the two parties to reach. meantime, don't go anywhere, because michael jackson -- >> wow! >> lord, the e-mails regarding his condition before he died and before that huge big concert tour, and they suggest this was one real sick man. and we will talk about the legal implications in a moment. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid.
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so there are some incredible details that remerging about michael jackson and his condition in the weeks before he died. there has been a series of e-mails and hundreds of them in fact that were leaked to the los angeles times and they were e-mails that detail what the concert promoters were saying about him and people who were working with him, and what they were saying about his medical condition right before that big comeback tour was supposed to launch. the promoter is called aeg. and ag was apparently so worried about jackson that their top folks suggested hiring a psychiatrist and a big time psychiatrist to evaluate him and the e-mails paint a picture of michael jackson in crisis and
8:56 am
they come off of the midst of two significant lawsuits that promoter is facing down. one of the lawsuits comes from the insurance agents, and the insurance company, and the insurance company that is asking a judge to wipe out the $17.5 million policy they are being asked to payout because of the death of the top star and they say that concert promoter purchased that policy saying that michael jackson was a-okay and ready to perform, and the other lawsuit is coming from the family of michael jackson and it is a wrongful death suit. basically the family says in essence that the promoter worked michael jackson to death even though they knew he was not up to the grueling schedule of the tour, they knew he was not up to it. joining is defense attorney joey jackson and when you read the e-mails you think, open and shut case, but i'm not so sure. >> well, look at some of the e-mails, all right. the first one according to the "los angeles times" m.j. is locked in his room and drunk and despondent and i'm trying to
8:57 am
sober him up, and that is from randy phillips, ag live president, and this one again, he is a emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self-loathing and doubt that it is show time. that is again by randy phillips. >> and those reports to give them ample enough time to say, we can't send him out there. >> and here is the problem. first he signs the contract, michael jackson in january of 2009 and 50 converts in london and to the arena and everything is fine. and as for the insurance policy, they took it out for him in case he had problems and sick or illness -- >> or he would die. >> worse, he would die, and there is a duty to disclose. what does that mean? if you want a health policy, they examine you and study you and say you are okay, and now what you learn is that lloyds of london, the insurance carrier did send in multiple dockerers
8:58 am
to the examine him, however, it went pretty well, but the issue is whether or not at that time they were fully made aware of the extent of the condition. there was one particular portion of the insurance policy, and it talked about have you ever been on drugs? have you ever been on medication, and the box was checked no. that's a problem, because of the duty to disclose, so the issue is if they with aware the insurance carrier of the full extent of his actual illness would they have insured him and if the answer to the question is that they were not made aware, then they have a good suit. >> if lloyds of london was made by the promoters or the doctor at the time saying he was taking almost lethal amounts of sleep medication just in order to get an hour of shut eye a night, i would say there would be not be any policy. >> yes, and in hindsight they hired dr. murray paying him
8:59 am
$50,000 a month to treat and otherwise see to it that michael jackson was okay and we know the end of that story, ashleigh, and it did not turn out well. and these stories are coming from different sources though. this is an e-mail from aeg's promoter musical director. there are strong signs of anxiety and paranoia and obsessive-like behavior. the best thing is to get a top psychiatrist in to evaluate him asap. and then kenny ortega says, it is like two people in here. one deep inside trying to hold on to what he was and still can be and not wanting us to quit him, and the other in this weakened and troubled shape, i believe we need professional guidance in this matter. i have ten seconds left, does this speak badly to both suits? >> yes, in terms of the wrongful death suit, whth


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